Detroit Radiant Products Company – Re-Verber-Ray Brand of gas and electric Infrared Heating Equipment and Parts, as well as Parts for Dayton Brand Infrared Heaters manufactured for Grainger.
Titan Air, Inc. – Direct Fired Make-up air units through 120,000 CFM, 80/20 Building Pressurization Systems, Custom Air Handlers and Evaporative Coolers.
S & P Ventilation (Formerly Breidert Air Products) – Complete Line of Centrifugal and Propeller Air Moving Equipment.  Wall or Roof Mounted. Restaurant & Kitchen Fans, Heat & Smoke Removal, Hooded Supply & Exhaust, Cabinet Fans, Gravity Intake / Relief Vents.
Safe-Air / Dowco – Complete Line of formed and extruded Louvers, Dampers and Shutters, Fire and Smoke Dampers.   Gravity or Motorized operation.  Custom Finishes and Colors.
Air Distribution Concepts – FlowCon Fabric Air Diffusers for a wide variety of air systems including heating, air conditioning, evaporative cooling, ventilation, dehumidification, and make-up air.
Ascent Systems, Inc. – Self-storing overhead vehicle exhaust removal systems for automotive and diesel vehicle applications.
TPI Corporation – Commercial Electric Heaters.  Radiant, Convection or Fan Forced.  Cabinet Unit Heaters and Hazardous Location Heaters, Class I and II, Division 1 and 2, Groups C, D, E, F and G.
Advanced Distributor Products – ADP Brand Gas Unit Heaters and Duct Furnaces with Aluminized Steel or Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers.  Induces Draft or Sealed Combustion.  Residential and Commercial, 30,000 to 390,000 BTU, Natural Gas & LP
MacroAir Technologies – The Original Big Fans, High Volume, Low Speed Circulating Fans with VFD Drives.  Models from 8 ft. to 24 ft. Diameter, 53,000 to over 376,000 CFM, with Air Foil Blades.
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment, LLC - Circulation Fans, Misting Fans, Portable Air Conditioners and Evaporative Coolers, Ventilators, Fiberglass and Polyethylene Fans, Gravity Inlet and Relief Vents, Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling Systems.